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A short 4 mins that captures how political narratives work today.

Whether you're a Dem , GOP supporter or an Indep, the following exchange captures what's wrong with both parties. It also showcases what an intelligent economist can accomplish by sticking to the facts in the face of an inquisition.

BTW, the conservatives are equally capable of the same lines of questioning. The right and the left do the same sh-t.

BTW: My analysis of Ms. Roth's testimony and why she gained the upper hand.

  • She doesn't get defensive or counterattack.

  • Her affect, body language and conversational style convey confidence & mastery of her subject without being aggressive.

  • She stays on point, doesn't get distracted and, most importantly, stays positive. In doing so she makes her inquisitor appear unreasonable and misinformed. His attacks likely make independents and those in her camp lean her way.

  • The man asking the questions appears insincere for several reasons. #1 he doesn't look at her, tries to dehumanize her and, most importantly, doesn't listen to her. He's reading from a prepared script and isn't concerned with her responses.

  • He got schooled.

  • That doesn't mean the oil industry isn't doing a bunch of lousy things; simply, he didn't do an effective job of pointing those out & appearing reasonable in doing so.

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