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About that hostage deal?

I sometimes wonder if Milo Minderbinder* is running the news media. While folks are transfixed talking about a very small number of hostages the larger carnage is about to resume in a few days. BTW, Israel is getting 50 hostages released in return for releasing 200 dangerous Palestian prisoners. WTF?

*Tell me you've never read Catch 22?

Hostage Agreement Is Still on Track, Israel Says


  • Negotiators are racing to hash out the details of a deal to free Israeli hostages held by Hamas, along with a pause the war, after last-minute issues delayed its implementation.

  • The deal: The release of the first group of hostages won't happen before Friday, Israel's national security adviser said.

  • The delay: Senior Egyptian officials blamed the setback on Hamas’s failure to hand over a complete list of the first group of hostages it planned to release. Israel for its part delayed the handover of a list of the first group of Palestinian prisoners it plans to free, according to officials familiar with the talks.

  • Negotiations: Egyptian officials said Thursday they received a list of 10 hostages who would be released first.

  • Hostages: All of the hostages to be released by militants are women and children, including what White House officials said would be at least three Americans.

  • U.S. reaction:. A White House official said the parties involved in the deal are working out final logistical details.

  • Hezbollah: The Israeli military said that the Iran-backed Hezbollah group fired around 35 rockets into northern Israel, one of the largest barrages from Lebanese territory since the outbreak of the Israel-Hamas war.

  • Rafah crossing: A total of 7,730 foreigners and dual nationals have left the Gaza Strip through the Rafah border crossing with Egypt since the start of the war, Egyptian officials said.

  • Hospital focus: The Israeli military released a video tour of what it said were Hamas tunnels under and near the Al-Shifa Hospital complex in Gaza.

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