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After School Satan Club

Please mark your calendars; the Satan club will be organizing a food drive this Saturday to raise money for Honduran Refugees currently living in the basement of our very own Faith Lutheran Church.

After School Satan Club

‘They’re opposed to our views and they’re trying to counter and even undermine our presence there.’

Feb. 16, 2023 6:16 pm ET

Jillian Schneider reporting for, Feb. 15: WSJ

A Virginia school board is considering revising its policies on after-school clubs following conflict over a new “After School Satan Club.” . . .

Satan clubs market themselves as an alternative to the Christian evangelical Good News Club, often targeting schools that already have a Christian club.

“They’re opposed to our views and they’re trying to counter and even undermine our presence there so I’m concerned in that regard,” said Chris Williams, a Christian pastor in Chesapeake. “I think the wrong kind of attention could force the school board to say we can’t do any of these clubs.”

Fred Pry, associate vice president of USA Ministries for Child Evangelism Fellowship, was more optimistic.

“The reality is, parents are the gatekeepers for all the clubs in schools,” he said. “All of them need permission slips signed by the parents so parents hold the power. Parents are the ones who control the Satan clubs because if no children sign up, Satan clubs are not going to exist.”

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