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AI is coming, but not for me!

Yes, you stupid. Talk about expendable!

BTW, within 48 months, I'm going to train ChatGPT to be offensive, pay zero attention to the facts, and be hilarious. Then I can sit back and let a fricken computer produce the Report each morning...while I sleep late.

AI'll be fine

Whether it’s art, music, code, photos or text, hardly a day goes by without a new piece of AI technology making the news, leaving us all to wonder what the world will look like in 5, 10 or 20 years time.

A report by Goldman Sachs suggested that AI could replace ~300m full-time jobs, and OpenAI, the creator of ChatGPT, says that as many as 80% of US workers could see at least some of their tasks taken over by large-language models. So, how do workers themselves feel about this emerging tech?


A recent Pew Research survey of over 11,000 US adults revealed that a strong majority of respondents (62%) believe that AI will have a major impact on workers generally over the next 20 years. However, only 28% of those surveyed believed that AI would have a major impact on them personally, with 35% expecting only a minor impact to themselves.

Overall, more of the respondents expect AI to be a negative. Some 32% believe that AI will be more harmful than helpful to workers generally — again more than the 15% who think they themselves will be personally affected in a negative way.

Interestingly, this survey was conducted in December 2022, only a month after the launch of ChatGPT-3 — before Microsoft's AI-powered Bing, Google's chatbot Bard, and OpenAI's even more advanced model, GPT-4, were released.

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