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All the new Marvel Studio movies coming up! Snitz's take.

As a youngster, my mom used to deride adults who continued to read comics books as ignorant Gomer Pyles. Rednecks. At the time I thought she was being a little high brow, but now find that Americans have morphed into folks who don't have the patience to read comic books...they want to sit back and have the sh-t spoon fed to them on the silver screen.

Hey, I love seeing graphic cartoon violence as much as the next guy. Dirty Harry...genius. But after decades of seeing stuff blow up and the dialogue and plots dialed down to the level of the average village idiot...I'm beginning to think that Scorsese has a point.

As he said, the real problem is that cartoon blow em up movies are crowding out great cinema. Movie studios don't want to finance anything that requires "thought" except for some occasional lame progressive woke BLM/Alphabet character narrative crap. Err....OK, if I haven't offending a legion of people by now...I'm losing my edge.

All the dumbed down stuff you need to run out an watch (link)

Scorses's position in his own words

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