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Another guy thinks the election is rigged! Robert F Jr!

I'm moving to Russia where they have fair elections.

Just kidding. I have decided to stop being a cynic. If they say it's fair...I believe them. I'm not the brightest lightbulb but I do have faith. Faith in people to cheat and enrich themselves whenever they have a sliver of an opportunity.

That did sound a little cynical didn't it?

The Democratic Party Rigs the Primaries

To help Joe Biden, New Hampshire is shunted aside and superdelegates return.

By Robert F. Kennedy Jr., WSJ

Sept. 12, 2023 6:09 pm ET

It has become clear that the Democratic National Committee doesn’t want a real primary and is willing to disenfranchise Democratic voters from choosing their nominee.

The DNC has refused to host debates, though a vast majority of Democratic voters want and expect them so they can judge which candidate has the popular appeal and vigor to challenge the Republican nominee.

Even if candidates reach voters anyway, the party is trying to stack the primary schedule in Joe Biden’s favor. The DNC has revoked New Hampshire’s century-old status as the first primary state and replaced it with South Carolina. Mr. Biden won the latter in 2020, but he lost both the New Hampshire primary and the Iowa caucus.

The DNC has drafted rules that if candidates run in an unsanctioned primary in New Hampshire, the DNC chairman has powers to punish them for not following the official calendar. Regardless of margin of victory, such a candidate would receive zero delegates. The DNC has also drafted a plan demanding Iowa change its voting process, or it could face similar sanctions.

Further, the Georgia Democratic Party has a rule allowing it to ban from the ballot any candidate who doesn’t follow the DNC rules. The reason the DNC made the change appears to be to rig the primary process in favor of its anointed candidate, Mr. Biden.

If other candidates overcome all that, they have another hurdle: a class of superdelegates called “party leaders and elected officials,” or Pleos. In 2018 the DNC voted to remove other superdelegates from the first round of voting at the convention to limit the power of party elites to override the people’s choice. Because no official will likely dare provoke the wrath of the DNC by pledging to me, only DNC-approved candidates will get any Pleos. Their net effect will be to impose the party insiders’ will on Democratic voters. Assuming no Pleo backs me, I would have to win more than 70% of regular delegates to beat Mr. Biden.

The DNC seems to have forgotten the purpose of the modern primary system, which is to replace backroom crony politics with a transparent democratic process. Our campaign has contacted the DNC in advance of its next meeting in Washington, asking for a clear process in which the candidate chosen by a majority of primary voters will be the party’s nominee.

In two letters sent this week to DNC Chairman Jaime Harrison, my campaign requested a meeting to discuss voter rights. We noted that the DNC consults closely with Julie Chávez-Rodríguez, Mr. Biden’s campaign manager, and we assume that Mr. Harrison will agree to meet with us. Still, we have had no response of any kind from the party since June.

We live in a time when a growing number of Americans think that democracy is broken and that the political system is rigged. The DNC’s recent actions confirm this outlook. It will better serve America to run a fair and free primary election.

Mr. Kennedy is a candidate for the 2024 Democratic presidential nomination.

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