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Are American's divided about Biden's climate change policies?

Really interesting study on how Americans feel about energy policy. Click link. Some takeaways:

  • A very partisan issue. Repubs lean in favor of fossil fuel, Dems in favor of Green energy.

  • Folks in Western states are experiencing high historical temps/drought and therefore especially concerned about global warming.

  • In the face of this rising gasoline prices are changing the calculous in real time. People support Going Green to a point, until it impacts their standard of living. Putin has also put a political spin on energy independence that wasn't there previously.

  • A pivot towards Nuclear power is likely in many place globally.

  • Finally, while Americans may be enamored with EV cars (myself included), they have almost no discernible impact on global warming. Ergo, cars make up only about 13% of total emissions and producing them isn't without its own set of pollutants. It takes 3-5 years of EV car operation to reach crossover and burn off that impact.

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