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Are the Dems inadvertently helping the Repubs with the Jan 6th hearings? Snitz commentary!

Updated: Jun 12, 2022

The Dems properly see Trump as a serious threat in 2024 and want to take him out. Guess what, so does the Grand Old Party. The folks inside the party are generally too afraid to do say that in public, else they get tarred and feather from the "faithful".

With luck the Jan 6th hearings will render Trump unelectable and put a nail in that coffin. Sadly for the Dems, that's not going to stop their adversaries from gaining firm control of both houses in November. If the Republicans can avoid f-ck things up too badly post Nov, they should be able to sport a strong candidate with many of Trump's more popular policies without being a complete egocentric wackjob.

So are the Republicans wrong to stay quiet and let the Dems do all the heavy lifting? Depends if you're a fan of Machiavelli?

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