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Bill Maher crushes with a quick history of Palestinian land

Bill does a superb job here. One area he doesn't dive into that provides important context: Palestinians aren't the same as jihadists?

"Most Jews are money-grubbing, loud-mouthed moneylenders & landlords who exploit hard-working Europeans". That was the narrative that a young Hitler and others used to describe us. Yup, we were and are now all alike? Bullshit.

Just the same as the 50% of the inhabitants of Gaza City who are children (yes that's a fact) are all Israeli-hating Jihadists. Ergo, you can hate Hamas and also feel strongly in favor of Palestinians and their rights. When you don't feel that way you betray what it means to be a Jew.

If anyone on this earth should understand being mistreated because of bigotry it's us.

BTW: I can defend someone's right to live in peace even if they don't like me. Many Palestinians don't care for Jews. After what's become of Gaza City I suspect that number may be growing. That doesn't mean I want to blow up their homes and annihilate their communities? Does that serve my interests in the long run? Seriously can't figure that one out?

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