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Broken windows policing is dead. Long live the looters?

In the mid-1990s New York City was experiencing a crime epidemic that was threatening the viability of the City. The new Mayor decided to undertake two new law enforcement initiatives: 1. Take on organized crime and the big 5 families who ran such and 2. Start Broken Windows Policing. Ergo, go after smaller offenses with the idea of cleaning up the streets and grabbing low-level offenders who might go on to become violent offenders. The graph below speaks for itself.

Recently, NYC and other large Dem-run cities have decided to avoid prosecuting any crimes under $1,000. So mobs of criminals descend on stores with each participant making sure their take is under this threshold. As you may guess, robberies are up about 70% this year.

Owner of LA bakery targeted by mob of 100 looters angered at rampant street takeovers: ‘Nobody gets punished for anything’

By Nicholas McEntyre, NY Post

Published Jan. 7, 2024

The owner of the California bakery ransacked last week by a mob of more than 100 looters is heartbroken for his family’s business and angered that nobody has been punished as he slammed rising crime in the state.

Ruben’s Bakery & Mexican Food in Compton was the target of a mass smash-and-grab when looters used a Kia to drive into the storefront during an illegal street takeover on Jan.

Reuben Ramirez Jr. says his parents opened their store nearly 50 ago after immigrating to the country and was heartbroken to see their work become a victim of crime.

“At first, like anybody, we were angry then we were sad,” Ramirez Jr. told Fox News. “The worst was seeing my parents who built something for over 48 years, to almost lose it because of this violence that is going on right now.”

“These street takeovers in Compton have been getting worse and worse.”

The store, which survived the 1992 Rodney King riots and the COVID pandemic, has never been closed for more than a day, Christmas and New Year’s being the exceptions.

Reuben Ramirez Jr. says his parents opened their store nearly 50 ago after immigrating to the country and was heartbroken to see their work become a victim of crime.

Ramirez Jr., however, was forced to close for several days because of the expansive amount of damage sustained and stolen goods.

The looters caused at least $70,000 worth of damage from everything that was stolen during the mass looting, which included food, money, lottery tickets, and other store equipment, including cash registers and meat scales.

Ramirez Jr. also said a lot of food had to be thrown because of the possibility of it being tainted or damaged.

The bakery has also lost out on revenue because the first week of January is usually busy for them because they make special bread for the holidays.

Ramirez Jr. said his family isn’t the only one in the neighborhood frustrated with the illegal late-night gatherings that often result in violence and crime.

“My neighbors here are telling me the same thing, they’re with us and they want this to stop, but I don’t know how you can stop it,” Ramirez Jr said.

Ramirez Jr. hopes the vandals see justice, but is more focused on building his business back while continuing to serve the community and “and make everybody happy without food.”

Following the looting, the store owners took to the security footage to figure out who the delinquents were that robbed their business but couldn’t recognize anyone because a majority of them were wearing masks and hoods.

“It was heartbreaking to see,” Ramirez Jr. said about the surveillance recordings.

“We need better policies for the community to help us. I would say sometimes these relaxed laws they don’t help, and the people that suffer are the hardworking people. I hate to say it but nobody gets punished for anything.”

The damage to the store is seen hours after the illegal mob ransacked the store and stole a majority of the goods inside.

“The City of Compton is working closely with the Sheriff’s Department to identify and apprehend the perpetrators responsible,” Compton Mayor Emma Sharif said in a statement to The Post. “Ensuring the safety of businesses and residents in our city is our top priority. No local business should endure such fear and destruction.”

“The incident that occurred this morning in District 2 was absolutely unacceptable. It is extremely disheartening to see a local business attacked and destroyed,” City of Compton Councilmember Andre Spicer, who represents the area where the bakery is located said.

“We need to support our local businesses and ensure that criminals know we will not tolerate the destruction of our beloved local establishments, which are the backbone of our city,” Spicer added.

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