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Career ending rhetoric moment of the week!

Ms. Martinez will be stepping down to spend more time with her family.

I might add that she enters the Thomas Spritzer Clinic next Monday, where she'll be starting her important journey toward a substance, and I might add anger free future.

In our first exercise, we usually have the patient write "I will not refer to ____'s as monkeys" 100,000 times on a color-neutral blackboard.


PS. Spritzer was also heard remarking to Mr. Bonin. "It's ok to completely tank her career, but you honestly need to sound more compassionate doing so. Lay off the fire and brimstone and simply mention you hope she soon is able to break her airplane glue addiction."

Los Angeles City Council President Resigns Leadership Role After Racist Remarks

Nury Martinez was recorded comparing a colleague’s Black son to a monkey. She apologized but faced rising pressure to step down.

By Christine Mai-Duc, WSJ

Oct. 10, 2022 3:09 pm ET

Los Angeles City Councilwoman Nury Martinez resigned from her position as president Monday, following the release over the weekend of an audio recording in which she insulted a fellow City Council member and made racist comments about his Black son.

She remains a member of the 15-person council.

In the recording, Ms. Martinez called Councilman Mike Bonin, who is white, a “little bitch,” and described his son, who is Black, “parece changuito,” or “like a monkey.” Ms. Martinez also said Mr. Bonin treated his son like an “accessory.”

In a statement Monday morning announcing she was stepping down as council president, Ms. Martinez, who is Latina, apologized to Mr. Bonin and his family.

“I take responsibility for what I said and there are no excuses for those comments,” she said. “I ask for forgiveness from my colleagues and the residents of this city that I love so much.”

The comments were made in an audio recording from October 2021 that includes two other Latino council members and a prominent L.A. County labor leader, according to the Los Angeles Times, which first reported on the recording.

The recording was posted on Reddit by a since-suspended user, according to the L.A. Times.

Ms. Martinez said in a statement Sunday that the comments were made “in a moment of intense frustration and anger” and said her work advocating for communities of color “speaks for itself.”

In a joint statement with his husband, Mr. Bonin said they were “appalled, angry, and absolutely disgusted” by Ms. Martinez’s attacks and “horrific racist slurs,” and called on the City Council to immediately remove her as president and urged her to resign from office. “Any parent reading her comments will know she is unfit for public office.”

Several council colleagues and a number of activist organizations also called on Ms. Martinez to resign from the City Council entirely.

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