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CDC: No more medium rare burgers, no drinking without birth control.

Do not drink unless you are on birth control? Can your dirtbag boyfriend drink? Come to think of it, he's a should be on birth control to protect the herd.

BTW: Apparently Leonhardt thinks the problem is that American haven't listened to the CDC? That would be easier if our public health sensei didn't have their head up their ass. I seem to recall their support widespread lockdowns, failing to recognise the value of acquired natural immunity and the folly of wearing cloth masks, etc. Sorry, that what just a bad dream.

But seriously, I pledge to do a better job of listening.

Put down that burger

By David Leonhardt, NY Times

The C.D.C. describes medium-rare hamburgers as “undercooked” and dangerous. The agency also directs Americans to avoid raw cookie dough and not to eat more than a teaspoon or so of salt every day. And the C.D.C. tells sexually active women of childbearing age not to drink alcohol unless they are on birth control.

If you happen to be somebody who engages in any of these risky activities, I have some bad news for you this morning: You apparently do not believe in following the science.

The misery of the Covid-19 pandemic — with its death, illness, isolation and frustration — has left many Americans desperate for clear guidance on how to live safely. People want to protect themselves, their family and their communities, especially the most medically vulnerable members of it. This instinct is both understandable and profoundly decent.

But it has led to a widespread misunderstanding. Many people have come to believe that expert opinion is a unitary, omniscient force. That’s the assumption behind the phrases “follow the science” and “what the science says.” It imagines science almost as a god — Science — who could solve our dilemmas if we only listened.

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