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Chennedy Carter questions Caitlin Clark’s ability: ‘What does she bring to the table’

Ok, you better buckle up...I'm about to get offensive...real fast. Don't say I didn't warn you.

What does Caitlin bring to the table? How about viewership and revenue to a league nobody gave a shit about you stupid bitch. In fact, I didn't know who our Chicago franchise was until I heard about your violent inappropriate play. Our team looks like a bunch of street thugs thanks to you. I'm sure the advertisers are flocking to have you promote their products.

You should kiss the ground Clark walks on for giving the WNBA a much needed shot in the arm. Perhaps Bill Burr's comedy will need to get updated because of her efforts on your behalf.

Chennedy Carter questions Caitlin Clark’s ability: ‘What does she bring to the table’

By Christian Arnold, NY Post

Published June 3, 2024

Sky guard Chennedy Carter went after Caitlin Clark in a post on Threads, only adding more fuel to what transpired over the weekend during the Fever’s win over Chicago.

Carter has taken criticism over her hard shoulder-check foul on Clark during Saturday’s game between the Fever and Liberty, and she refused to address the issue during her postgame press conference.

But in a post on Threads, she took aim at Clark, questioning the WNBA superstar’s skills.

Caitlin Clark is decked by Chennedy Carter during the Fever's win over the Sky on June 1,

“& that’s that on that cause beside three point shooting what does she bring to the table man,” Carter wrote in the post.

It wasn’t the only shot Carter seemed to take at the No. 1 overall pick in the 2024 WNBA Draft.

WNBA upgrades Chennedy Carter’s hard foul on Caitlin Clark to Flagrant 1

In a reply to a post about Angel Reese celebrating with Carter after taking the foul, Carter wrote on Threads, “my dawg fasho , got all my teammates.”

Carter also spent time on X reposting and replying to people defending her actions on the court when it came to the dust-up with Clark.

Carter shoulder-checked Clark away from the ball before an inbounds attempt and sent the Fever star to the ground. Clark appeared to have words for Carter after a hard battle for a rebound on the other end prior to the shove.

On Sunday, the WNBA upgraded the foul to a flagrant I after the league reviewed the play.

In a post on X, Carter criticized those calling for some kind of enforcer-type player out on the court to protect Clark.

“we grown asf & y’all talking about enforcer man gtfoh , hoop or shut up,” she wrote.

Former NBA player Matt Barnes called out Clark’s teammates for seemingly not having her back during the numerous instances where opposing teams have taken some liberties with the former Iowa star.

“Where the f–k are her teammates at? Where y’all at? Where are the rest of the Indiana Fever at?” Barnes asked in a post on Instagram.

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