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Chicago's demographics are changing?

Blacks are moving out of the City; Hispanics will soon represent twice their population and are basically shut out of political representation as the former cohort controls Chicago politics and the narrative. Ergo, Tony Preckwinkle and her stooges run Chicago (Chief Stooge being our Mayor whom she plucked from obscurity to support).

The Irish, who ran the City for decades, has been pushed out, and the remaining old guard may gracefully age in the Big House (ergo Madigan and Burke).

Asians are also growing rapidly as a critical demographic to our City, but nationally (as is the case here) never focused on pursuing political office in force. They don't need to?

Data: US Census

Axios News:

The big picture: Chicago's boosts in Asian, Hispanic and American Indian populations are in line with increases nationwide, per an Axios analysis of U.S. Census Bureau data.

Between the lines: Demographic trends are driven by a combination of factors, including varied birth, mortality and immigration rates (both internal and external) among different socioeconomic groups.

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