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Chicago Teachers Union Pres says to punch the principal in the face?

It's perfectly ok for the CTU Pres to tell her members to punch a principal in the face.

Hey wait a minute, how do you metaphorically punch someone in the face? While still treating them with some level of civility. Oh well, that's over my pay grade.

Principal claims CTU president told teachers to ‘punch their principal in the face,’ files police report

A teachers union spokesperson said Stacy Davis Gates, a close ally of Mayor Brandon Johnson, was using a “metaphor” about “punching back” in remarks to union delegates.

By Phyllis Cha, Chicago Suntimes

Feb 2, 2024

Chicago Teachers Union President Stacy Davis Gates speaks with reporters on the first day of school for Chicago Public Schools Aug. 21. Davis Gates enrolled her son in a private high school, a move that has drawn criticism.

CTU President Stacy Davis Gates, during a union meeting on Jan. 25, allegedly said, “In talking to my Stevenson sisters, I told them that they should punch their principal in the face,” according to a police report.

A Chicago Public Schools elementary school principal claims the president of the Chicago Teachers Union told teachers to “punch their principal in the face” last week at a union meeting on the Near West Side, according to a Chicago police report.

The comments were made about 12:40 p.m. Jan. 25 at CTU headquarters, 1901 W. Carroll Ave., the report said.

The principal involved, William Hozian of Stevenson Elementary School, 8010 S. Kostner Ave., filed the police report the next day.

CTU President Stacy Davis Gates, a close ally of Mayor Brandon Johnson, allegedly made the comment during a speech to union members.

“‘In talking to my Stevenson sisters, I told them that they should punch their principal in the face,’” Davis Gates said, according to the report.

Hozian told police that he found the incident and Davis Gates’ comments “very concerning.”

He could not be reached for comment.

Davis Gates did not respond to requests for comment.

In an email to union members, CTU officials said Davis Gates was speaking metaphorically.

“We believe that this police report was filed in reference to a figurative comment made by President Davis Gates during impromptu remarks to union members … while talking about using the contract to challenge principals who bully our members,” the email said.

It said Davis Gates was talking about “punching” back when talking about members using the power of the contract to push back against bullying.

“The intentional mischaracterization of our President’s language while encouraging members to advocate for themselves and use their contract is an attempt to smear our union in the same way that a bad manager attempts to bully workers,” the CTU email said.

A CTU spokesperson told the Sun-Times Thursday the case had been closed and marked as non-criminal. Police didn’t immediately comment on the case.

CPS officials said they were aware of the incident.

“While we don’t speak to the details of a specific staff or student incident, we were made aware that a non-criminal report was filed with the Chicago Police Department and we are providing staff with supports as needed,” the district said in a statement.

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