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Children are priceless? What a load of crap.

Attn Millennials. The Editorial Board at the Wall St Journal are a bunch of rich white guys who have nothing but contempt for you! They hate liberals, most of all woke liberals. Ergo you!

They figure they can have a good laugh at your expense if you have kids. You know, go bankrupt, give away all your free time and get f-cked with.

Don't do it! Get a dog. Yes there a pain in the ass as well, but they don't talk back. Ok, you might occasionally get barked at. Small price to pay.

Children Are Priceless

The cost of raising children is the wrong way to think about it.

By The Editorial Board, WSJ

Aug. 19, 2022 6:47 pm ET

The Brookings Institution is making a media splash with its estimate that it now costs more than $300,000 to raise a child through high school, an estimate first shared with our news colleagues at the Journal. Others are picking up the figure as if it’s a shocker. We don’t dispute the number, but that isn’t the way to look at it.

No doubt it takes money to feed, clothe and educate a family these days, and inflation isn’t helping. But children aren’t merely cost centers. Even ignoring human affection and thinking in the most utilitarian terms, children are assets—to the families who raise them, to the nation in which they are born, and to the world to which they will contribute across their lifetimes.

A bizarre idea we sometimes hear is that young people don’t want to have children for fear of climate change. Have children, or don’t, that’s your choice. But bringing another person into the world isn’t going to matter in the slightest to global temperatures. That is, unless your child becomes the adult who finds a solution to battery storage, or some other technological or business breakthrough that enhances the human condition.

A real cause for concern is the declining U.S. birth rate that is falling below the replacement rate. Without immigration, the U.S. population would begin to shrink. This is nothing to cheer. Whatever children cost to raise, they are a priceless vote of confidence in the future.

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