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Clemson students protest removal of tampons from men’s restroom

It seems to me, that a better solution would be to install condom dispensers in the woman's restrooms.

Honestly, I wonder if we'd all be better off being the same sex and not procreating. Ok, not every one of my ideas is a winner. Maybe I need to re-think this.

Clemson students protest removal of tampons from men’s restroom

By Alyssa Guzman, NY Post

A group of Clemson University students protested the removal of tampon dispensers from the men’s library bathrooms in response to a conservative student group’s complaints.

Holding brightly colored signs reading “Destigmatize menstruation” and “Hello, it’s the 21st century,” around 50 students demonstrated on campus Wednesday to demand school administrators reinstall the feminine hygiene dispensers.

The dispensers were removed after the Clemson College Republicans complained they were found inside the library’s men’s bathrooms.

“If you weren’t aware already, Clemson University has tampon/pad dispensers in the MEN’S restrooms located in Cooper Library. We truly live in a [clown] world,” the student group posted on X on Sept. 13.

Take Back Pride, who organized the protest, said the sanitary products were “unjustly” removed from the restrooms and are asking for them to be reinstalled, as well as for the College Republicans be reprimanded for their role in the removal, according to College Fix.

“Queer people on this campus are not just going to magically disappear,” student organizer Pan Tankersley told the College Fix.

“So instead of working against us, like taking away menstrual products from the men’s bathrooms, making people feel unwelcomed, there should be support for the community that is already fighting to feel safe here.

“If anything, the university needs to step up and needs to protect its students.”

Students holding signs

Take Back Pride, who organized the protest, said the sanitary products were “unjustly” removed from the restrooms and are asking for them to be reinstalled.

Take Back Pride claimed the machines were vandalized after the student group complained about them. The dispensers were removed three days after their complaint.

Trevor Tiedeman, chairman of the conservative group, told WSPA: “Men are men. Women are women. Of course, men can not menstruate. Of course, we spoke out against that. Of course, these people think the opposite, and that’s why they’re out here protesting us.

“We have simply stood up for biological reality. They reject what we believe, and so they want us to get removed from campus.”

Tiedeman also suggested the employees behind the installation of the dispensers should be fired, according to the College Fix.

State Representative April Cromer saw their complaint and approached college officials

A Clemson spokesperson said the college does not plan on reinstalling the machines.

The dispensers were installed last November by the Graduate Student Government, according to student paper The Tiger.

Former GSG President Kaitlyn Samons believes the school removed the dispensers to stay out of politics and to support the South Carolina government.

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