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Come for the Mercury Poisoning stay for the indoor tennis

That structure below is the main entry to the spa and hot tub you'll use to cleanse away the Mercury and Chromium.

NEWS FLASH: Construction was halted pending an IEPA review of the site. I love the drama! See link.

Mercury found on migrant camp site

Axios News

Dec 4, 2023

Workers put up a tent frame as they start building an encampment for migrants in

Brighton Park on Nov. 29. Photo: Antonio Perez/Chicago Tribune/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

High levels of mercury, arsenic and lead were found on the site of the Brighton Park migrant camp, according to a city-commissioned report.

But Chicago officials say they've taken steps to reduce exposure to the toxins and make the site safe for temporary stays.

Catch up fast: Mayor Brandon Johnson's administration has been fielding questions for weeks about why it was moving ahead with construction before getting a final environmental assessment.

City officials promised the report by the end of last week and finally released it late Friday night, but only to those who had filed a Freedom of Information Act request to obtain it.

The city finally posted the full assessment on this FAQ page by Sunday morning.

What they're saying: City officials said in a statement that mercury "was identified at one location and was removed and properly disposed off site at a landfill. Likewise, soil with a high level of semivolatile compounds [including lead and arsenic] was identified at another location, and will be removed and disposed of offsite."

Additionally, the city says it's directing crews to install a 6-inch barrier of "crushed clean stone" on the site.

"With the limited soil removal and placement and maintenance of the barrier, the site is safe for temporary residential use," Johnson's press secretary wrote in a statement.

What we're watching: When and if migrants will be moved into this partially finished state-run facility.

Gov. JB Pritzker's spokesperson told WTTW that residents will not move in until the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency reviews the report and signs off.

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