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Democrats supporting MAGA Repubs? WTF?

NH? How about Illinois, where the leading contributor to Repub Bailey's campaign is Team Pritzker? Yep, our sh-tbag governor hand-selected an ultra-right-wing whack job and funded his campaign so he'd win the primary. Pritzker now has an easy, assured path to reelection.

Reminds me of the 70s when Nixon sabotaged Muskie's campaign to make sure he'd be running against Left Wing candidate McGovern.

Democrats for MAGA Republicans

In New Hampshire, they’re helping a GOP 2020 election denier.

By The Editorial BoardFollow

Sept. 9, 2022 6:40 pm ET

New Hampshire primary voters will go to the polls Tuesday, and Democrats are again running TV ads to help a Trumpy Republican candidate for Senate. President Biden is warning that ultra-MAGA Republicans threaten American democracy. Why won’t he tell his party to quit elevating them?

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The GOP’s mainstream Senate candidate is Chuck Morse, president of the New Hampshire state Senate. He’s endorsed by Gov. Chris Sununu and the National Rifle Association. A Super Pac linked to Sen. Mitch McConnell is running ads hailing him as “one tough conservative.” Mr. Sununu knows how to win New Hampshire, and Mr. McConnell wants to retake the Senate. They know Democratic Sen. Maggie Hassan is beatable.

But Democrats are dumping money into New Hampshire to besmirch Mr. Morse as “another sleazy politician.” One ad says his campaign is run by lobbyists, one of whom once “worked for a Chinese company owned by a Communist Party official.” Also, the Chinese official knows a guy who was a dogsitter for Kevin Bacon, for those who recall that six-degree party game. Why run this attack ad in a primary?

The answer is that Democrats want Republicans to pass over Mr. Morse and nominate Don Bolduc, who has a history of flirting with conspiracy theories. He told NH Journal in May last year that bad voting machines had tampered with the 2020 election results. “It’s not a fair process,” he said, “when a foreign company owns machines that count our votes.”

WMUR reported in 2020 that Mr. Bolduc, a retired general, said Covid-19 was probably created by China as an attempt at population control. “The virus was designed to get the younger generation sick and designed to have a fatal effect on our older generation,” he said.

By one estimate, Democrats have spent more than $40 million helping 2020 election skeptics win GOP primaries, even while fretting about them as a “threat to democracy.” They’re happy to gamble on that threat because their real concern is power, not democracy. It’s obvious, if hypocritical, why Democrats want to manipulate inattentive Republicans into picking Mr. Bolduc. Less obvious is why Republicans would go along.

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