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Denver buys one way tickets for 1,900 migrants

Denver bought one-way bus tickets for 1,900 migrants.

Here’s where they were going.

Some of the top destinations were Chicago, New York City, Atlanta, Miami and Dallas

News NEWS | 10 hrs ago

Jennifer Brown and John Ingold

The Colorado Sun

Denver has spent $492,000 on one-way bus tickets to destinations across the country for 1,900 migrants who arrived in the city after crossing the U.S. southern border. Larger arcs represent more passengers.

Denver Office of Emergency Management

Denver spent nearly a half-million dollars last month buying one-way Greyhound bus tickets to other cities for 1,900 migrants who arrived here after crossing the U.S. southern border, according to data released Friday to The Sun by city officials.

The most popular destinations were New York and Illinois, but also Florida, Georgia and Texas.

The spending does not include tickets purchased by the city so far in January, or spending by the state, which paid for chartered buses for four or five days this month to send groups of migrants to other destinations, mainly New York City and Chicago.

Denver sent 399 migrants to Chicago and 345 to New York City in December. The city also sent 122 to Atlanta, 95 each to Miami and Orlando, and 68 to Dallas. In all for the month, the city spent $492,000 on bus tickets.

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