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Dershowitz: Did they finally get Trump in Georgia?

Dershowitz thinks Trump is an idiot, however, while his behavior on Jan 6th and denying the election results is contemptible it's not criminal.

The Harvard Prof has a long history of representing Dems. Most famously Al Gore in contesting the Florida vote count against Bush. Gore too was contesting the results (how ironic) although he eventually conceded after he lost in a ruling by the US Supreme Court. Dershowitz's Dem history however didn't stop him from actually representing Trump in the past however.

On to his thoughts:

  • He thinks Biden would do well to consider pardoning Trump (pre-election) for similar reasons that Ford pardoned Nixon. For the good of the country. The alternative would be a heightened polarization which would be toxic.

  • He thinks the Georgia indictment is the most problematic one for Trump of the four and will likely result in a guilty verdict which...

  • He believes will be reversed by the US Supreme Court.

  • One of the key issues is that Trump asked folks to "find" votes. The prosecution in the Prof's view has to prove that Trump meant "manufacture" votes not legitimately discover votes. He thinks that's impossible to prove.

  • He also believes the RICO statute being applied in Georgia is inapplicable in an election case of this sort. He goes into the details in the video.

My thoughts: I'm no legal expert, however, I"m concerned about Trump being deprived of the right to run for election because of these lawsuits. His opponents should appeal to the American people to vote for someone else. When the time comes when we all lose confidence in Americans having the good sense to select their leader democracy is dead meat.

In the meantime, let's all pray Donald gets run over by a bus.

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