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Devastating news in the NFL! Holy sheet! This is a fricken ten alarm fire.

Ok, how about a reality check. I love watching some guy get flattened as much as the next guy. And if I had anything to say about it, they would bring back feeding "you know who" to the lions...except on prime time.

This year about 1.1 million kids play high school football, 71,000 plus in college about 1,700 end up in the NFL. Do these folks end up having ​arthritis and other problems later in life? Bad knees, chronic back pain? Of course not. Pain is for losers.

And traumatic brain injuries from ​repeatedly hitting some other idiot 100 times per game. Nooooo. It's perfectly safe. At least for me in the comfort of my Lazy Boy recliner.

What I'm trying to say is, whether it's an ​occasional heart attack on the field or legions of elderly football players with CTE, the SHOW MUST GO ON.

BTW, I think it's awesome that college and NFL players receive no disability insurance. Because who cares. So long as academia and the NFL rake it in​,​ the world is "right". Go​,​ team!

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