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Did the richest guys double their wealth in 4 years?

Yes, but are they happy?


Graphic: (Quartz)

The world’s richest men—Elon Musk, Bernard Arnault, Jeff Bezos, Larry Ellison, and Warren Buffett—have doubled their collective wealth to $870 billion since 2020. That’s a rate of $14 million an hour, with little sign of abatement, according to a new study from the UK-founded charity organization Oxfam.

Their wealth is rising at such a breakneck speed that Oxfam thinks we’ll have our first trillionaire in a decade. Not only is the gap between the ultra-rich and poor becoming unbridgeable (Oxfam says eradicating poverty would take 23 times as long as that trillionaire to emerge), those at the top have waded through inflation pretty much unscathed.

But at least 250 billionaires and millionaires aren’t super happy with this, and they’ve got two words: “Tax us.”

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