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Do Israelis support Gaza war, attacking Hezbollah in the North, the current Bibi Gov?

Caroline Glick is a prominent Israeli Journalist who enjoys a large audience in her home country. She provides some good opinion polling results which help explain what the citizens over there believe. See the YouTube link below. I'll give you some of the highlights of her report and a few thoughts of my own.

Israelis in general are supportive of the invasion of Gaza. In fact, they want to double down and expand their invasion big time in the South (Rafah, along Gaza's border with Egypt).

Not only that, but they want to take the war to Hezbollah in the North and open a second front.

Bibi has used this conflict to boost his political capital and has regained the lead in popularity.

My thoughts. This war is becoming Isreal's Vietnam but much much worse. Iran has hit the jackpot and now find Israel goated into a war with it's proxies while the mother ship operates with inpunity.

Israeli citizens seem to be competlely out to lunch and don't realize how badly this is going to blow up in their face. Ethical or not, they're not going to like the results and their name in the Global community is turning to mud. Some may say this was the case before, but those voices are equally dellusional.

As for the US role in this. What Biden says is a joke. For us to provide one dime to Israel to support this fool's errand is a gigantic strategic blunder. Our diplomatic message should be crystal clear. "You have every right to eliminate Hamas, but not destroy the lives of millions of innocent civilians (half of which are children). If you proceed with this foolish plan you do so without us, our financial or military support".

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