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Do most Americans favor affirmative action?

The majority of Americans aren't in favor of affirmative action except for a few who have their head up their...oh god. I'm sorry, just because someone is dead no excuse to speak ill of them.

I'm sorry!

Pew Research:

More Americans disapprove than approve of selective colleges and universities taking race and ethnicity into account when making admissions decisions, according to another spring survey, fielded before the Supreme Court ruled on the practice in June.

Half of U.S. adults disapprove of colleges considering race and ethnicity to increase diversity at the schools, while a third approve and 16% are not sure.

Views differ widely by party, as well as by race and ethnicity. Around three-quarters of Republicans and Republican leaners (74%) disapprove of the practice, while 54% of Democrats and Democratic leaners approve of it.

Nearly half of Black Americans (47%) say they approve of colleges and universities considering race and ethnicity in admissions, while smaller shares of Hispanic (39%), Asian (37%) and White (29%) Americans say the same.

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