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Do most people think race should be considered for college admissions? Pew Research.

Summary. People tend to respond more positively to the term "affirmative action", but when asked specifically race should be considered in college admission, most say "no". As one might expect, African Americans and Dems feel otherwise.

Me? I think that Jews deserve to be given the same boost as African Americans in college admissions because 1. The Holocaust. 2. We're the "chosen people". 3. We do control Hollywood, but we could control "more" of Hollywood.

BTW The share of Asian Americans who say race or ethnicity should not factor into college admissions decisions. 76%

Half of U.S. adults disapprove of selective colleges considering race and ethnicity in admissions decisions, while a third approve.

More Americans disapprove than approve of colleges considering race, ethnicity in admissions decisions

As the Supreme Court prepares to rule on a closely watched affirmative action case, half of U.S. adults say they disapprove of selective colleges taking prospective students’ racial and ethnic backgrounds into account when making admissions decisions, while 33% approve. Among partisans, Democrats are much more likely than Republicans to support this practice.

Full report link:

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