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Do teen girls or boys spend more time on social media.

In a double-blind taste test, teens who spent a week off social media and instead viewed the Spritzler Report reported acting more aggressively towards peers and feeling more desirable to the opposite sex (or in the case of the LGBTQ community the same sex or does it really matter)?

Left to their own devices

Device-dependent teenagers are far from phoning it in: a Gallup poll has found that over half (51%) of US teenagers report spending at least 4 hours per day on social media apps.

Indeed, while US teens overall spent an average 4.8 hours per day on the 7 popular social media platforms tested in the survey — YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter/X, WhatsApp, and WeChat — it appeared that, statistically, teenage girls were more chronically online than their male counterparts, racking up 5.3 hours per day versus 4.4.

YouTube was popular with Gen Z boys, averaging ~24% longer per day on the platform than girls, who reported spending more time on TikTok and Instagram. Meanwhile, messaging services like WhatsApp accounted for less than 15 minutes a day across both genders.

The survey also revealed that 17-year-olds were most likely to pass the 4-hour mark every single day. What surprised us most, however, was the 42% of 13-year-olds who also met the 4-hour threshold, given they’re only just old enough to meet the minimum sign-up age for most of these platforms.

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