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Does a new national abortion law make sense? Which team will get it right?

Hey Marj and Lindsey! Right now, your party is losing a massive lead because our country is pro-choice "light". By that, I mean public opinion strongly aligns with Europe, which desires legalized abortion with term limits. Almost all EU nations allow abortions within 14-17 weeks.

That's what the customer wants. The right is pushing government intrusion, which last time I checked, isn't popular. Having different laws in each state is ridiculous and unfairly impacts the poor who can't afford to travel to pro-choice states.

BTW: Think outlawing abortion won't seriously impact crime down the road. Check out Levitt & Donohue's research.

The Political Case for Federal Abortion Limits

Only 10% of voters support the Democrats’ extreme position, while 72% back restrictions at 15 weeks.

By Marjorie Dannenfelser, WSJ

Oct. 6, 2022 5:22 pm ET

Ahead of November’s midterm elections, Republicans have a $124 million problem. That’s how much pro-abortion Democrats have already spent on TV ads slamming the GOP after the Supreme Court’s June decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization. The Associated Press reports this is more than twice what Democrats are spending on their “next top issue this year, ‘character,’ and almost 20 times more than Democrats spent on abortion-related ads in the 2018 midterms.”

Faced with this onslaught, too many ordinarily outspoken pro-life Republicans have ducked for cover—with consultants leading the retreat. But whether the consultants like it or not, the debate won’t go away. The only way to win is to confront it head-on.

By introducing a minimum federal limit on abortion after 15 weeks, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R., S.C.) and Rep. Chris Smith (R., N.J.) stepped up to offer fellow Republicans the political gift of contrast. They would be wise to use it. Every pro-life Republican should support these bills—indeed, many previously voted to protect unborn babies at 20 weeks—and go on offense to expose their opponents as the true extremists.

When Republicans are silent on abortion, their opponents and the media fill the gaps, often with blatant misinformation. This consensus legislation flips the script, and not a moment too soon. The bill is neither a total abortion “ban,” as Democrats claim, nor a ceiling that overrides pro-life state efforts to enact stronger protections throughout pregnancy. It would simply apply a minimum level of protection in states such as New York and California to stop inhumane late-term abortions after a point when evidence shows unborn children feel pain.

Many Republicans question the timing. But there is never a bad time to take a morally right and politically smart stand. A federal minimum standard is reasonable, necessary and constitutionally sound. And it will yield benefits come Election Day if pro-life Republicans find their voice.

Widespread public consensus exists around limiting late-term abortion. Seventy-two percent of Americans think their state should limit abortion at some point before 15 weeks, including 75% of women, 70% of independents and 60% of Democrats, according to a June Harvard-Harris poll. Only 10% support the near-universal position of the Democratic Party under President Biden, which is abortion on demand, paid for by taxpayers, up to the moment of birth. One after another, John Fetterman, Tim Ryan, Charlie Crist and other Democratic candidates have refused to name a single limit on abortion they would support.

In September, the Trafalgar Group found that by an 18-point margin, voters prefer a 15-week federal limit (with certain exceptions, including lifesaving emergency care for the mother) to the so-called Women’s Health Protection Act, co-sponsored by nearly every House and Senate Democrat, which would impose a “right” to abortion at any time for any reason in all 50 states.

Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams proved how big a liability Democrats’ pro-abortion extremism is when she claimed that an unborn child doesn’t have a heartbeat at six weeks and ultrasound technology is part of a vast right-wing conspiracy to control women. What could be more out of touch?

Scientists and medical experts confirm that by six weeks, an unborn child’s heart beats at an average rate of 110 beats a minute. By 15 weeks, the child sucks his thumb and feels pain. Yet thanks to permissive abortion laws, a new “all-trimester” abortion facility in Maryland will be allowed to abort children up to 34 weeks.

Republicans stand to gain by going on offense. Sen. Graham has provided the winning model: Expose pro-abortion Democrats who will stop at nothing to keep U.S. abortion policy on par with China’s and North Korea’s—including by destroying the filibuster to shut down opposing voices for good; highlight the humanity of the child while showing compassion for mothers; point out how wildly out of step the U.S. is with European nations like France and Germany, which limit abortion after 15 weeks; and make it plain that more than 55,000 unborn children a year face an excruciating death after 15 weeks if federal leaders don’t act.

This debate is Republicans’ to lose. They must take charge of the narrative if they don’t want to wake up on Nov. 9 wondering why their “red wave” never came ashore. I hope every one heeds the divine encouragement invoked by Mr. Graham in defending the unborn: Be not afraid.

Ms. Dannenfelser is president of Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America.

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