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Does Kass have a point? The border and Fentaynyl.

Will securing our border fix the opioid crisis? It sure won't hurt.

I recall Micheal Moore, the successful (SFB*) movie director who made a documentary on how much better people have it in Scandanavian countries where their compassionate socialist governments take care of everyone.

Governments where BTW they allow zero immigration, have iron-clad borders and have homogeneous white populations.

SFB: Sh-t for brains.

Hurricane Ian and Political Lies Along Wide-Open Border Can’t Cover the Poisoning of America’s Young

By John Kass

September 28, 2022

In San Francisco, home of the open air drug markets, filth and needles on the sidewalks and the great leftist Democrat unravelling of American urban life, parents of fentanyl addicted children have put up a billboard. It reads:

“Famous the world over for our brains, beauty and, now, dirt-cheap fentanyl.”

The group “Mothers Against Drug Death” purchased the billboard and reportedly paid $25,000. The deadly fentanyl comes from China and Mexico, pushed by the drug cartels over the wide-open Southern border, the border that President Joe Biden and many of his Democrats don’t even want to look upon or acknowledge.

If the president and the others who avoid it ever stood on that border, they’d be confronted by their abdication of responsibility to the American people. And so they stand clear and away.

More than 1o0,000 young Americans died from drug overdoses last year, more than have ever been killed by terrorists, with almost 70 percent of the American dead coming from fentanyl, that cheap, deadly synthetic opioid shipped from smiling China, spruced up by the drug lords of Mexico, and delivered as poison across Biden’s wide-open border to kill American young people of all races and creeds, of all backgrounds.

Yet for the next several days, the nation’s eyes won’t be on the open air drug markets of San Francisco, the Southern border where the fentanyl and millions of illegal immigrants cross almost at will. They’ll have difficulty hearing anything save the howling of Hurricane Ian.

Television news is all about emotion, sentimentality, action and destruction, and so TV is drawn to Hurricane Ian savaging Florida as iron filings are are drawn to the magnet. TV news will avert its all-seeing eye for a few days from Biden and Democrat weaknesses on the border and crime. It is a horrid blessing of sorts for them because they must fear a red whipping in a red November. And those deadly October winds in Florida are something of a respite.

It is the way of the world. There is a formula to be followed, a dance with strict choreography for the dancers: The urgent, colorful maps on screen with meteorologists talking darkly of “Category Four.” Out in the field, reporters get wet and there are flashlights and candles in the dark; and great hardships from power outages, hospitals in peril, humans battered by nature, and downed power lines snapping on the streets.

And survivor’s guilt, and brief interludes from churches with desperately needed hymns. Perhaps a package about tourist-trap animal attractions with gators, wild pigs and boas in basements; another package about boats, another of looting or threats of looting, another on trucks carrying bottled water and volunteers.

Of course there will be multiple staged political action scenes, politicians as bendable action figures: the president in his aviator shades and windbreaker, the governors in their khakis and ball caps, sunglasses nodding, men of TV action pointing for the cameras, directing relief but really doing nothing.

All that is noise. Yet with all the urgent sounds competing for attention and eyeballs, there is nothing so quiet as America’s fentanyl dead. They don’t excite TV news. They’re quite still and cold. And worse, their parents have cried themselves dry.

What they don’t need to hear now are more Biden border lies telling them the border is secure. Because it is not.

Do you remember border lie about former President Donald Trump building those cages for children of illegal immigrants? That generated more media anger than recent fentanyl overdose deaths. Do you remember? I remember.

You couldn’t walk through a newsroom then without smelling the self-righteous fury that came through their pores about Trump and those kids in those cages. It triggered woke journalists the way papercuts trigger a vampire. They were all over it, writing and tweeting and writing and tweeting some more, until it turned out that it wasn’t Trump who built the cages, but his predecessor, former President Barack Obama who had those kid cages built.

And the? Ooops they forgot and the-kids-in-cages outrage faded completely away, like media credibility. And Obama? The guy from Chicago who lives in Martha’s Vineyard with other rich elites who didn’t want to share their island with poor illegal immigrants–and shipped them away to a military base in a matter of hours–certainly knows one thing. He knows narrative, since all he accomplished in eight years in the White House was arriving with a blank slate only to become the hero of David Axelrod’s fairy tale.

But he does know how to play the race card. He condemned Americans who support legal immigration and denounced them as racists for the sin of expecting that the president and his Democrats follow U.S. Immigration law.

Speaking of border lies, what about the one involving the U.S. Border Agents on horseback in the waters of the Rio Grande whipping those poor illegal Haitian immigrants as if they were slaves on some old sugar plantation?

Imagine TV news executives, feeling that tingling running up and down their legs, determined to get those images on the screen so viewers could see the whips and feel the pathos, with political activists posing as journalists invoking the ahistorical hysterical pungency of the “1619 Project” that demands we must all chant that America was conceived in the great sin of slavery.

The media bit down to the bone on the whipping, and by the time MSNBC rolled around in what was left, and CNN and the leftist fever swamp of Twitter hugged it and rubbed it, and before the Democrat Party released their teeth, it was common knowledge that the Border Agents whipped black people with the reins of their horses.

Even the president of the United States condemned his people on the border for their “horrible treatment” of black migrants under the American whip.

“It’s outrageous. I promise you those people will pay,” Biden told reporters about the government’s Customs and Border Patrol agents and their “horrible treatment” of the migrants.

“It’s outrageous. I promise you those people will pay,” Biden told reporters on Friday, his first in-person remarks on CBP’s treatment of the migrants after days of opprobrium from members of his own party and humanitarian organizations.

“There will be consequences,” said Biden. “It’s an embarrassment — it’s beyond an embarrassment. It’s dangerous. It’s wrong. It sends the wrong message around the world. It sends the wrong message at home. It’s simply not who we are.

“Of course, I take responsibility. I’m president,” he said.

He set his administration to investigate and investigate they did. When they were done investigating Biden let slip his dogs of truth and found that Biden and all the journalists who had never seen a horse’s ass up close except in the mirror were dead wrong.

The investigation did not, REPEAT DID NOT FIND that border agents whipped the illegal immigrants breaking the law, but politics dictated that the Border Patrol agents could not be held blameless though they were innocent of the charges. They had to be burned for something.

Some were Latinos, and given the left’s racist attention to skin color that should have counted for something. But they couldn’t be exonerated because Biden had already condemned them. They weren’t found guilty of whipping anyone, but the Border Patrol was accused of using inappropriate language and raising their voices.

Raising their voices?

This is how we handle illegal immigration. They should have used their inside voices, their gentle “Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood” voices while pleading with those breaking our laws?

And then came Vice President Kamala Harris, the president’s point person on the border who never goes to the border, reassuring America that despite reports to the contrary, and video of untold millions of people just walking over the border, and small border towns overwhelmed with illegal immigrants, that the order was secure.

Harris made this claim to an NBC journalist clearly devoted to the Democratic Party, Chuck Todd of “Meet the Press.”

And then White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre doubled down on behalf of the president, insisting the amazing claim of Kamala Harris was true and the border was secure.

“What we stand by is that we are doing everything that we can to make sure that we follow the process that’s been put forth,” Jean-Pierre said. “That’s why we have historic funding to do just that, to make sure that the folks that we encounter at the border be removed or expelled.”

But the border isn’t secure. The president knows this. His meat puppet handlers know it. The American people know it.

During a campaign debate Mr. Biden publicly called on those who wanted to come to the U.S. to rush the border and surge their way in. They believed him. And upon his election, he immediately eviscerated Trump White House policy that had those seeking entry into the U.S. to shelter in place on the other side.

Millions have come across illegally. There are good, decent people among them who are desperate for a chance. America doesn’t need only chemical engineers. They need immigrant families full of hunger and resolve to suceed. But they break the law.

And what we don’t know is how many “got aways” are living here, some of them criminals released from Venezuelan prisons. This is reminiscent of another weakling Democrat president, Jimmy Carter, who was overwhelmed by Fidel Castro’s release of Cuban prisoners sent to Florida as part of the chaotic Mariel Boatlift.

It was Jimmy Carter who was also terrified by that angry rabbit swimming at his boat. I’d certainly be terrified of a swimming infuriated rabbit, wouldn’t you? But the rabbit story and Iranian terrorists sealed Carter’s political fate. Carter’s end was written even before actor Al Pacino– playing the Cuban cocaine dealer and Marielito in “Scarface”– could shout, “say hello to my little friend.”

Then cocaine was bad but the myth, even from Carter’s aides and others shaping the culture then, was that they could function on cocaine. But illegal crossings aside, there is something else coming now over the border besides terrorists from Syria and Iran:


And there is no functioning on fentanyl. It is deadly. Just a spec can kill.

Some four million pills of the deadly drug that tricks and kills young Americans who want to get high have been seized on the Arizona border alone. It comes over by the ton, in backpacks carried by human mules, in trucks, trains, cargo ships; in those boxes of lettuce sold at your local American grocery store. And few produce workers tell the police, because the cartel head cutters know where they and their families live and there is no appeal.

Last year alone, a record 107,375 young Americans died of drug overdoses, most involving synthetic opiates like fentanyl. And kids are given the drug, slipped into other narcotics, so powerful than just a pinch on a finger can kill dozens.

We are witnessing mass suicide. And the Biden White House. which knows first-hand of drug addiction, is silent about the poison flowing up from the South at our children.

Parents are overwhelmed. They’re dealing with a culture where Americans have been encouraged to turn their backs on God. The fentanyl young realize they cannot deal with modern stress, so many seek oblivion, a release to be lost in their online fantasy worlds on TV or their laptops with their rings of power and dragons that can read their inner-most thoughts. The high priests of American culture have been teaching them to reach out for the one god of government. And as get high, they become their own gods.

America’s young people take drugs to numb themselves from psychological pain. And whether by accident or by design, they die every day and they end up in county morgues.

China smiles as American leadership thrashes about. Mexican drug lords fill entire houses near big-city airports with American cash on quiet streets. They fill container ships with cash, with so much treasure they can’t spend it. China buys political influence in Washington with Hunter Biden as a partner. In American cities, the cartels buy American politicians the way the Chicago Outfit and the five families of New York bought politicians during Prohibition.

And President Biden and his enablers turn their eyes away from the open border, pretend it isn’t happening and stare open-mouthed at the storm.


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