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Does Kass have the Supreme's abortion leak right?

Snitz Jr (notice I've deftly left out which Jr) has astutely reasoned that the leak is simply moving up an announcement that would normally come in June. Ergo, shouldn't shift the election dynamics by its timing? Perhaps it's designed to stimulate Justices to lean towards a full repeal (ergo leaked by the right)? Who knows?

What I do know is that the Dems need a silver bullet to deflect public eyes off the wonderful job they're doing in Washington and elsewhere. The Supremes may have given them that bullet.

Roe v Wade has existed for 50 years. Now isn't the time to turn the country upside down when we have rising crime, inflation, bad border/foreign policy ....etc. Sometimes we have to agree to disagree and focus on shared goals. While we're debating political correctness, black reparations and other "critical" issues, China is expanding its influence and other foreign players Putin among them aren't wishing us well. Maybe it's time that the American public learned to keep its eye on the ball and not get distracted by politicos? No that's too much to ask for!

Supreme Court Abortion Leak Just the Job for Biden’s Ministry of Truth

By John Kass

May 4, 2022

With the November elections fast approaching, the Democratic Party was in hysterics, panicking over they feared would be wave election, a massive mid-term butt kicking in payment for inflation, crime, the open border and everything else they’ve done to the American people.

They screamed about insurrections wherever they could imagine them, under your neighbors’ bed, among parents who don’t want their kindergarteners indoctrinated on gender identification, among those smeared as domestic terrorists for daring to oppose racist Critical Race Theories in government schools. They piled dry wood around the stakes, like witch burners of the Middle Ages, and their media allies drowned out the heretics.

But that wasn’t helping all that much. The American public wasn’t all that interested in burning millions at the stake for the alleged “insurrection” on Jan. 6, especially when Democrats were so forgiving about the Black Lives Matter riots when the cities burned, and downtowns ruined and businesses were destroyed.

Something else was required. The leak of a Supreme Court draft opinion ending Roe v Wade was that shiny weapon they wanted. If enacted, the leaked draft would not end abortion in all 50 states. All it would do is return the choice to the people. But the Democrats reached for the Supreme Court leak as their weapon. They screamed and held the club in both hands.

A real insurrection has plopped into their laps. Not an imagined one. A real one involving real force and the mob hoping to intimidate the Supreme Court.

The Democrats say they’re angry, at least publicly so, between fundraising calls and getting themselves on TV to say democracy is over. But do the Democrats really want to get to the bottom of this leak thing? I don’t think so. None of them are condemning the leaker.

So I’m wondering: Isn’t this really a job for Nina Jankowicz, the ridiculous party hack and self-described “Mary Poppins of Disinformation” who runs President Biden’s Ministry of Truth?

Who else could do the job? No one else, but Nina. C’mon Joe. Give Nina a chance.

The leak was reported the other day by Politico about a Supreme Court draft opinion by Associate Justice Samuel Alito. It wasn’t the final product, just the draft. It overturned Roe vs Wade, a concoction of bad law and lousy reasoning that is not supported by the Constitution.

It was an inside job, to roil the anger of the pro-abortionist mob, to attack and undercut the institution of the Supreme Court, to threaten the justices in hope of stampeding them, and to push the Democratic argument to pack the court. This is the work of the insurrectionist.

Alito’s draft doesn’t end abortion. It merely sends the issue back to the states, where the people and their elected representatives could decide what to do about the lives of the unborn. Why are the Democrats so afraid of the people voting?

“Those who care about norms, decorum, civility, institutions, and rule of law — or claim to — must hold the leaker and any co-conspirators fully accountable for this egregious breach,” writes Mollie Hemingway in ‘The Federalist.’

“At the very least, they should be disbarred. Criminal charges might also be in order,” she said. “Anyone who began fundraising or organizing off the news of the leaked draft should be questioned about his potential role in the leak campaign.”


Even legal scholars of the left acknowledge that Roe was bad law, and politically dangerous, concentrating too much power into the nine men and women in black robes, driving deep national divisions in America to benefit partisan politics.

Alito’s is an excellent, well-reasoned opinion that renounces the Supreme Court’s death grip on abortion and returns the issue to the states for the people to decide. It only applies to abortion, not other issues. Read it for yourselves. It answers the question of who decides. The people.

Some states have a pro-abortion permissive view. Others support the sanctity of life. Letting the people decide through their representatives is what the Constitution is all about. Infanticide is not a right protected by the Constitution.

Who benefits from the leak? Cui Bono? You don’t need me to figure that out for you. We don’t know who leaked the document, or if the leaker is on the left or on the right.

So let’s hope President Biden gives Nina Jankowicz a chance at solving the Supreme Court leak case. Jankowicz has been selected to rule his Disinformation Governance Board, more aptly called The Ministry of Truth, and she has many defenders, including Alejandro Mayorkas, Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security. He insists she’s qualified to run the Ministry of Truth.

“Eminently qualified,” Mayorkas told CNN’s Dana Bash, shaking his face so you could see his jowls bouncing. He said Jankowicz was “a renowned expert in the field of disinformation.” Asked if she was politically neutral Mayorkas said:


Absolutely? It’s a wonder Mayorkas’ Pinocchio nose didn’t grow and poke Bash’s eye out, impaling it as if it were a martini olive. (If you must know, my favorites are the ones stuffed with habanero and garlic.)

Jankowicz is not politically neutral. Singing her show songs in a breathy, chirpy voice, she seems more like a crazed narcissist about to be unleashed. And she’s the same Democratic hack who cast shade on the Hunter Biden laptop story, and pushed the discredited Clinton/Steele dossier containing the Democratic fantasy of former President Trump and Russia collusion. Now she’s the disinformation czarina who sings show tunes on Twitter.

We once had something even better than the Disinformation Governance Board. We called it Free Speech. What happened to it?

In a recent column I mentioned that former President Barak Obama test-marketed a Ministry of Truth at his Orwellian “Disinformation Conference” at the University of Chicago. Brave U of C students at The Chicago Thinker called him out for it. Apparently, the Biden White House thought it was a great idea and made Scary Poppins a star.

Journalists on Twitter were so outraged about Alito’s opinion that they’re calling to burn the country down. There is nothing quite like the zeal of crazed social-media blue-check Jacobins who demand tolerance for their point of view while torching others. It reminds me past life at “the paper.”

Ian Millhiser, a senior correspondent at Vox, was one of the first to strike the match. According to a Tweet, shortly after the leak, he all but screamed:

“Seriously, shout out to whoever the hero was within the Supreme Court who said ‘f-ck it! Let’s burn this place down.”

Burn baby burn?

He wasn’t alone, but you’ve always known the hard left that rules the Democratic Party is all about force. As it was in Russia when Lenin took over the newspapers, as it is today with the left threatening the Supreme Court, tearing down the institution of an independent judiciary, with Big Tech censoring and suppressing news that irritates the regime.

Or, using Internal Revenue Service to harass those who differed with Obama, or calls for the FBI to view parents concerned over school curriculum on the domestic terror list. It’s always been about using the government hammer and the shrieking mob to crush dissent.

I’d rather think of them. I’d rather think of Alito’s draft opinion as a blessing, and lives of babies saved. Didn’t we just celebrate Easter?

Many of you know that I’m a Greek Orthodox Christian. And Jesus said “Suffer the children, and forbid them not to come unto me: for such is the kingdom of heaven.” I’m not going to judge others who say they’re Christian and push for abortion. They’ll be judged, but not by me.

We Americans want to see ourselves as the kind of people who protect the helpless, the innocent, the victims of violence. What is abortion but the violent taking of a baby’s life?

Leave religion and the politics out of it for a moment.

Just consider what happens after a baby is born. The new father and mother holds the infant. There is no thought of politics or of burning anything down, no thoughts for the schemes of leakers or the threats of the mob.

You and your wife hold your son or your daughter. You touch the child’s foot. You smell the back of his neck. You touch her arms, fingers. You listen to your baby breathe and become lost in your child’s eyes. You don’t hear the barking dogs of politics. You might say a prayer of protection. And all politics just goes away.

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