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Eisenhouse vs our recent presidents who never fought in our military.

Eisenhower, before becoming President, was the WWII Allied Theater Commander in Europe and Africa. Ergo, he knew a little something about waging war, the vast industrial complex required to support such, and the toll on American lives.

Most importantly, he famously warned of the growing immense "military-industrial complex" (the term he coined) with massive financial incentives to keep growing and find global conflicts to justify its existence and generate arms demand. Was this some crazy conspiracy theory? I think not.

His successor would involve us in Vietnam and the rest is history. Clinton, Bush, Obama, Trump and Biden have never been in the military or personally fought in a war. With the possible exception of Trump, none have understood or headed Eisenhower's warnings.

Consider this when you hear Biden give his latest pep talk for the conflict in Ukraine.

This short exchange from Wag the Dog, captures the concept perfectly.

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