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Either Vanna White gets Pat Sajak's salary or I refuse to watch one more episode!

This franchise has been built on Vanna's back* and I'm not going to take it anymore dagnamit. If those vicious bastards are planning to hire some hot new Vanna (30 years her junior) they're going to hear from me.

On the other hand, I never watch the show because it's to say this gracefully? Stupid.

* No idiot, I didn't say she won the job working on her back.

Vanna White wants Pat Sajak’s pay to stay on ‘Wheel of Fortune’: report

By Jane Herz, NY Post

July 23, 2023 2:33pm Updated

‘Wheel of Fortune’ execs think Vanna White is ‘replaceable’: report

She just wants the wheel to spin evenly.

Vanna White, 66, is merely asking for the same salary as “Wheel of Fortune” host Pat Sajak, 76, one source is now alleging, amid recent reports that she was holding out for just half of what he makes.

“50 percent of Pat’s salary is so outrageous that no one in their right mind could say that it’s fair,” the unidentified insider alleged to People this weekend.

“The negotiation is asking for much more than 50 percent of his salary. It’s asking for the same pay — if not more,” they continued.

The Post reached out to representatives for White for comment.

Since Sajak announced his retirement last month and Ryan Seacrest was named as his successor, it has been rumored that White is in the middle of serious salary negotiation with the network in order for her to make a return.

Vanna White is asking for the same salary as Pat Sajak, according to a new report.

"The negotiation is asking for much more than 50 percent of his salary. It's asking for the same pay — if not more," the source claimed.

Like I said, they better not try to hire some younger version of Vanna (who's trying to look like she did back in 1982)!

According to a report by Puck News, the legendary letter-turner hasn’t received a raise in 18 years, and has allegedly hired high-powered “aggressive” attorney Bryan Freedman, who has represented a slew of Hollywood heavyweights, including short-lived “Jeopardy!” host Mike Richards.

The outlet claimed that she has been making $3 million per year since 2005, while a 2016 report from Forbes alleged that Sajak cashes in a hefty $15 million a year for the hosting gig.

The source told People that in the past, “Vanna was told, ‘If you fight this, you will lose your job, You’re lucky to have the job.’ And when people tell you that for so long, you believe it.'”

The source added that White was ready to “fight for her future.”

Earlier this week, TMZ reported that White, who has been a mainstay on the show since 1982, reached a deal for the celebrity version of the game show, “Celebrity Wheel of Fortune.”

TMZ claimed that Sajak made upwards of $400,000 per episode for the celebrity competition show, while White settled for $100,000 per episode in her new deal.

Currently, contract negotiations for the syndicated show “Wheel of Fortune” are on pause due to the ongoing writer’s strike, but it doesn’t seem like the two parties are seeing eye-to-eye on this one.

But a source told the outlet that if White doesn’t reach a deal soon, things could take a turn for the worst.

“It’s gonna get ugly if they [Sony] don’t get more serious,” they told TMZ.

Sajak will be staying on to complete his hosting duties until season 41, which is set to air in September.

White has reportedly reached a deal for the celebrity version of "Wheel of Fortune."

In his retirement announcement, Sajak said that he would be hosting the show’s upcoming season 41, which is set to air in September, and then officially take a back seat, off the air.

Seacrest also noted that he was looking forward to “continue the tradition of spinning the wheel and working alongside the great Vanna White,” when he accepted the gig.

One source alleged to The Daily Mail this month that White believes the show’s producers don’t have much respect for her, and she feels “disappointed” over the entire ordeal.

“She wants to be with the show for as long as she wants to be on the show, on her terms. She believes she deserves it,” the insider said.

And, last week, White made a public appearance while hopping abroad TMZ’s Celebrity Bus Tour as she was grabbing ice cream with her son, Nikko, 29, in Beverly Hills, but stayed mum on her status on the game show.

As she was leaving the bus, someone asked her whether or not she would be coming back, or even hosting in the future.

In response, she just laughed and smiled, cheekily telling them all, “Time to say bye,” as she exited the bus.

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