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Elizabeth Holmes is innocent, just ask her mum!

Jesus F Christ* it's getting so you can't even commit fraud now days without the Feds making a f-cking federal case out of it (hey that rhymes)! You know Spritzler Imaging has an soon to be patented MRI machine that fits in a small handbag and also turns out bad diagnostics. Those bastards planning to come after me too!

* Sorry Goyim. That was a little offensive.

This has to be Holmes favorite tune!

Thank Allah that Elizabeth's mother is proudly standing by her side. I'd love to see those two battling wits with Barbara Wawa and Woopie on the View!

Elizabeth Holmes returns to the stand in the Theranos trial.

The 37-year-old founder of the failed blood testing start-up spent only an hour on the stand before the court closed on Friday. Her lawyers have argued that she was merely a young, naïve, ambitious founder who relied too much on others who gave her bad advice.

Holmes has been charged with 11 counts of defrauding investors about Theranos’s business and what its technology could do.

Her lawyers indicated that her testimony is likely to take up Monday and Tuesday this week. That means that the prosecution’s cross-examination, which is expected to be lengthy, won’t begin until after Thanksgiving.

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