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Ever heard of Mr Beast? He has 2 billion YouTube views.

Never heard of him. He probably puts out some lame wannabe version of the Spritzler Report dumbed down for...well you know who.


2 billion views. That’s what YouTuber MrBeast racked up in September, per the latest data from Social Blade — equivalent to one-quarter of the entire human population tuning in to watch a MrBeast video last month (even if briefly)... and that was just on his main YouTube channel.

The milestone came only a few days before the YouTuber — real name Jimmy Donaldson — announced a partnership between his snack company, Feastables, and basketball team the Charlotte Hornets. The collaboration will be the first-ever between a creator-led brand and an NBA franchise, with the Feastables logo, complete with MrBeast’s signature blue-and-pink panther, set to be included on all Hornets uniforms.

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With over 350 million combined followers on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram and Twitter, MrBeast represents the good, the bad and the wacky of the future of entertainment, as the burgeoning media empire rests almost solely on Donaldson's personal brand. Indeed, the 2.05 billion views that MrBeast managed in September — thanks in part to videos with clickbait titles like “Lamborghini Vs World's Largest Shredder” — takes the total views on the channel to 33.5 billion.

Although controversy has followed Donaldson in recent years, inside the belly of the beast is a canny creator, comfortable with backing his own formula of what will make for "good content". A perfect blend of childish clickbait, outlandish ideas, and genuine philanthropy — all perfectly attuned to the all-powerful YouTube algorithm — have given MrBeast an audience with few rivals on the internet.

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