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Finally Biden does someething smart.

He broke a campaign promise. Good for him! It was a stupid thing to commit to in the first place.


Quart Media

The US is extracting a record-breaking amount of oil and gas, and fast—between now and 2050, one third of the world’s planned oil and gas expansion will be in the US.

That contradicts US president Joe Biden’s rhetoric about the dangerous and expensive impacts of climate change, as well as his administration’s moves to encourage clean energy investment, boost electric vehicle sales, and cut carbon emissions.

Biden is skipping COP28 in Dubai. There, US climate envoy John Kerry and other officials pushing to limit global temperature rise to 1.5°C must get buy-in from almost 200 nations. Among them: oil and gas powerhouses Russia, Saudi Arabia, and, COP 28’s host, the UAE.

But when it comes to fossil fuels and climate change, the US isn’t the only nation saying one thing and doing another. Oil rich nations, for one, are behaving badly.

Putin has helped the EU and other nations realize that all the talk about Green Energy is largely a load of crap. Don't get me wrong, I'm for Nuclear and R/D in that field, just not relying on wind and solar to solve all our problems. Link below:

US oil and gas extraction is at a new high and will likely stay near record levels through 2050

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