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Freakonomics: Soon 2/3rds college students will be women. Why?

I'm a huge fan of Freakonomics. Great podcast. This is the 4th installment on what's going on in college education. After WWII 2 men went to college for every woman. That's just about flipped and except for elite schools, colleges are hemorrhaging money and losing customers.

The podcast examines what's going on and how the education model might be ready for change. They interview some really smart new innovators and the current President of Northwestern University. He reminds me of the old guard running Detroit's auto industry in the 1960s. Smug, glib, confident and out of touch.

Elite colleges are in high demand, principally because they are a great sorting hat for the nation's "brightest". Ergo, you're paying a sticker price of $75,000/year (plus losing 4 years of earning) to get a gold star placed on your ass. You also drive yourself crazy during high school prepping to get the grades, extra-currics and ACTs to enter Hogwarts.

This becoming archaic. Click link below

BTW, if you want to take a deeper dive into this subject, the book below is must reading. It examines the research on just how effective college is. How much info do students actually retain. What subjects produce the best gains, what alt methods are used in Europe and elsewhere. It's written by a bomber econ professor at George Mason who takes a critical look at his own profession.

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