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Fricken left-wing atheists.

There's nothing worse than some left-wing whack job that doesn't believe in the Baby Jesus. Talk about pond scum. Those miserable liberals in Oregon, Washington, Maine, New Hampshire and of course that former colony of the USSR Vermont. You know what grouchy nonbeliever runs the show there!

, I'm more comfortable in the Bible Belt. Where people believe in the almighty and have a rifle rack in the back of their truck. Ergo, any place that's cream-colored on the map.

Axios News

Nearly half of Chicago-area adults never or seldom attend church or religious services — on par with the national average, per a new Axios analysis of Household Pulse Survey data.

The big picture: More than three-quarters of Americans say religion's role in public life is shrinking, per a recent Pew Research Center survey — the highest level since the group started tracking such sentiment in 2001, Axios' Alex Fitzpatrick and Alice Feng write.

  • About 57% of adults say that religion has a positive impact on American life, per Pew.

By the numbers: 49% of Chicago-area adults never attend services or go less than once a year, while 19% say they attend 12 or more times a year. About 14% attend 1-3 times per year.

  • Nationwide, 30% of Protestants say they attend services weekly, compared with 28% of Muslims, 23% of Catholics and 16% of Jews.

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