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Gantz Holds Wide Lead Over Netanyahu in Polls

So how does Gantz compare to Bibi?  First off, Netanyahu has formed a coalition with Israel’s ultra-right-wing whackjobs to stay in power. They are the douchebags pushing to overreact in Gaza and scorch the earth.  Gantz appeals more to secular middle-class Israelis.  His party (Kahol-Lavin)  is center right with a greater desire to separate country and religion.


Ergo, he’s more reasonable and hopefully will if in power help rebuild Gaza and support the innocent Palestinians who’ve been thrown under the bus. He’s not perfect by a long, but hopefully better.

Gantz Holds Wide Lead Over Netanyahu in Polls; Current Coalition Faces Losing Majority

Gantz's National Unity Party polled with 37 seats and Netanyahu's Likud with 18 in two polls

Haaretz News

Feb 11, 2024

Polls released Sunday night by Israeli news channels 12 and 13 suggest that in the event of Israeli government elections, coalition parties could secure a total of 45 or 48 seats out of the Knesset's 120.

In both polls, Benny Gantz's National Unity Party would receive 37 seats, leading over Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's Likud, which received 18 seats.

Prior to the Gaza war, Netanyahu's coalition comprised 64 MKs, with the opposition totaling 56 members, including Gantz's party. Following the outbreak of war, Gantz and his party's 12 seats joined Netanyahu's wartime coalition. However, Gantz's party is aligned with the anti-Netanyahu electoral bloc, and is not anticipated to remain in the coalition after the war ends, or at the time of their choosing.

Netanyahu's clear message to Israelis: Abandoning the hostages is in the national interest

'Bibi, I voted for you. When will you choose me? When will you choose Matan?'

Polls show Israel's current coalition would fail to reach majority to build a gov't

According to the Channel 12 poll, Opposition leader Yair Lapid's Yesh Atid would be the third-largest faction, with 15 seats. The Ultra-Orthodox Shas would receive 11 seats, and both Yisrael Beiteinu and far-right Otzma Yehudit would get nine. The poll showed that the left-wing party Meretz would return to the Knesset with four seats, while the far-right Religious Zionism, center-left Labor and Arab Balad parties would fail the electoral threshold to enter the Knesset.

According to the Channel 13 poll, Yesh Atid would also be the third-largest faction, with 13 seats. Yisrael Beiteinu would receive ten seats, Shas would receive nine, and Otzma Yehudit eight. United Torah Judaism would get seven seats, and Religious Zionism six, while Hadash and Meretz would get four seats each. The poll showed that Labor and Balad would again fail to pass the electoral threshold.

The Channel 12 poll was conducted by Mano Geva and Midgam Institute in collaboration with ipanel. It sampled 520 voters, ages 18 and above, through an internet and phone survey. The sampling error is 4.4 percent.

The Channel 13 survey of the Jewish population was conducted Midgam Panel Project led by Dr. Ariel Ayalon. Their survey of non-Jewish population was conducted by Stat-Net Research Institute led by Yousef Makladeh. Their sampling error is 3.7 percent. The data was calculated according to the voting percentage in the November 2022 elections.

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