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Gov Fatso spends another $160 million on Chicago's migrants?

God forbid we stop the flow at the border. I'm going to invest in a business that manufactures tents. Sorry, I forgot we're going into winter. Heated tents. They make those, don't they?

Gov. JB Pritzker yesterday announced $160 million in additional state funding for migrant aid in Chicago.

Why it matters: The money helps fill a big gap in the newly approved 2024 city budget that allocated just $150 million for migrant aid, less than half of what officials anticipate needing.

The intrigue: Although the General Assembly signaled it would not vote on more migrant funding this year, Pritzker found funds within the Department of Human Services, which he says has a budget for wraparound services for "people living in the state."

How it works: $30 million is earmarked for more workers to greet new arrivals and help them find housing, especially alternative housing beyond shelters.

  • $65 million to expand local shelter capacity.

  • $65 million to increase case management programs to expedite migrant paths to self-sufficiency.

Of note: The state is also reducing its rental assistance to new arrivals from six months of support to three months, starting today.

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