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Guess which fast food operator doubled profit this year?

Thank god nobody pays attention to documentaries.


McDonald’s investors were lovin’ it yesterday, after the company posted earnings that beat estimates across the board. The fast food giant reported Q2 net income of $2.3 billion, up 94% on last year, as well as global same-store sales that rose 11.7%.

The company partially credited “culturally relevant brand and marketing campaigns” — like its Grimace promotion that was an absurdist breakout hit with Gen Z on TikTok — for the increased sales figures. For McDonald’s, it seems that success in the online sphere is becoming as much a part of the business as flipping burgers and serving fries.

Appy meals

Indeed, the golden arches have perhaps never loomed larger in the digital landscape. Digital sales across the whole McDonald’s system (including franchised stores) exceeded $8 billion in the latest quarter, up 33% on the 2022 figure. That’s due in no small part to the mega success of the McDonald’s app, which was downloaded a staggering 127 million times worldwide last year — more than double the downloads that Uber Eats, the second most downloaded food & drink app, notched.

And the app, where users can score exclusive deals and build up loyalty points, is only extending its lead over competitors. According to Apptopia figures cited by the Wall Street Journal, the McDonald’s app had 18% more monthly active users in Q2 than it did last year. That's an impressive figure for an app that launched 8 years ago, but its even more striking when compared to the churn rate for major fast food competitors, like the Burger King and Wendy's apps, which have seen users and downloads tumble in the last year.

More Data

• After a tip to a conservative watchdog, it has been found that President Biden’s German Shepherd, Commander, bit Secret Service agents 10 times in a 4-month period.

• Another key inflation rate has cooled, with PCE inflation rising 3% in the year to June.

• Blue-chip art investment platform Masterworks has built an impressive record of 14 exits, with some realizing +10.4%, +21.5% and even +35% net returns — while traditional markets have suffered. Skip the waitlist and start investing in pieces from Banksy, Monet & more.**

• Subway diehards can score themselves free sandwiches for life… if they legally change their name to “Subway”.

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