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Haley vs. Trump vs. Biden

Haley is a corrupt puppet of the defense industry where she's made most of her money (as a consultant after leaving Congress). She's now a big war hawk, particularly in Ukraine...shocker. Would I vote for her over Trump...for sure.

She has as much chance of winning the GOP nomination as I do. BTW I'm having an exploratory coffee to discuss my entering the race this Sunday. If you can make it it's only $1000 per guest.

Haley vs. Trump vs. Biden

She beats the President by 17 in the latest WSJ poll. Trump wins by 4.

By The Editorial Board, WSJ

Dec. 14, 2023 6:42 pm ET

Democrats have assisted Donald Trump’s campaign for the GOP presidential nomination in so many ways that it’s hard to keep track. There are the four indictments, the legacy of mistrust from the failed Russia collusion lie from 2016, and the great Biden inflation. But most helpful is how Democrats have undermined the argument that Mr. Trump can’t defeat President Biden.

The he-can’t-win case was strong after Mr. Trump led the GOP to defeat in elections in 2018, 2020, the 2021 Georgia Senate races, and again in 2022 with disappointing gains in the House and defeat in the Senate. This is one reason Ron DeSantis surged in the polls in early 2023 after his big victory in the Florida Governor’s race. Most polls at the time showed Mr. Trump losing to Mr. Biden in a rematch, while other Republicans ran ahead or at least closer.

But Mr. Biden has become so unpopular that Mr. Trump is now leading the President in most head-to-head surveys. In the latest WSJ poll published on the weekend, Mr. Trump is leading Mr. Biden 47%-43% nationwide. Mr. Biden led 45%-43% last December.

This is despite the poll’s finding that Mr. Trump’s unfavorability rating is 56%. Mr. Biden’s is higher at 61%. Most voters in both parties don’t think Mr. Biden is up to the job of President for another four years.

But the WSJ survey also asked voters about their preference if the GOP nominee were Mr. DeSantis, or former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley. Mr. DeSantis was tied with Mr. Biden at 45%. Ms. Haley blew the President away 51%-34%. Ms. Haley consistently beats Mr. Biden by more than Mr. Trump does—often a lot more.

Polls taken 11 months from Election Day are hardly definitive, but their timing as voting begins in the primaries is a huge benefit to Mr. Trump. They mask his vulnerabilities that could reappear once he’s campaigning every day before the voters. And they let GOP voters believe that those vulnerabilities don’t matter.

If Mr. Trump gets the GOP nomination, he will owe a great debt to Democrats for insisting on Mr. Biden as their nominee.

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