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Has the UN reached it's green climate fund goal for 2023?

I'm shocked! China and OPEC nations aren't interested. Haha. The good news: $10 billion is insufficient to accomplish anything, so it doesn't matter.

Hey, they forgot to mention Vlad! Russia didn't give this year either. I guess their attention is focused elsewhere.

The UN's Green Climate Fund missed its target because of wealthy nations

Without renewed pledges from several countries, the fund fell short of a $10 billion goal

By Clarisa Diaz, Quartz Media

Oct 10, 2023

UN meeting with empty chairs.

The plenary hall during the recent replenishment conference for the UN Green Climate Fund in Bonn, Germany.Photo: REUTERS/Wolfgang Rattay (Reuters)

The United Nations’ Green Climate Fund fell short of its $10 billion target on Thursday (Oct. 5), at its second pledge conference in Bonn, Germany, to replenish funds. While some countries like the UK announced their pledges in advance, five nations didn’t renew their commitments, including Australia, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, and the US.

The Green Climate Fund is the world’s largest multilateral climate fund. Established in 2010, it helps developing countries cut emissions and prepare for climate change. Initial pledges to start the fund in 2014 included 45 countries committing a combined $10.3 billion. The first replenishment was in 2019, when the fund gained another $10 billion from 32 countries. At this year’s conference, 46 nations gave $9.3 billion in pledges.

That money is just a drop in the bucket, given the roughly $200 billion needed by developing countries each year until 2030 to adapt to climate change, according to estimates by the UN.

A surging need for funds to cope with climate change

In response to the shortfall, the UN warned of the growing need for climate funding in developing countries. The US and China are the world’s top polluters, but one hasn’t renewed its pledge to the Green Climate Fund, and the other has never contributed. The US made the largest pledge at the fund’s launch—about $3 billion back in 2014—but hasn’t renewed since. China has yet to join the fund with other wealthy nations.

The UK, Germany, France, and Japan are the biggest backers of the Green Climate Fund, collectively contributing $7.1 billion in renewed funds. Germany is asking China and the Gulf states to pitch in, particularly leading up to the UN Climate Change Conference, COP28, in Dubai next month.

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