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Hey Millennials did the Baby Boomers mortgage your future or the idiots recently elected in Wash?

It's easy to think that your greedy parents sucked all the juice out of the lemon. Yes, we paid for your college but...we're still rotten to the core!

Except that we didn't mess things up. At least not until Obama got elected. Don't blame me for that one. I didn't vote for him.

A little history. looking at federal government borrowing (i.e. our national debt) when Obama was elected our gov owed about $10 trillion. By the time he left office that had doubled to $20 trillion (in 8 short years). It's currently about 30 trillion! The 4 trillion spent on COVID relief didn't help.

Why is there inflation? Why does gas, rent and everything else seem to go up faster than your wages. Look no further than the new crop rocket scientists who run the federal government.

Perhaps consider electing someone that doesn't spend money like a .........

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