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Holy sheet. Tucker Carlson is pitching flaming fastballs!

Carlson is the most watched newscaster in the world; not just by right-leaning Americans but also by liberals*! Only Joe Rogen has a large audience.

Do I agree with everything he says? Of course not and honestly some of his rhetoric is nuts. Does he twist the truth on occasion? You bet.

You know what else he is? Thought-provoking and different. He says stuff you won't hear on mainstream media.

I'd absolutely listen to his latest below. It will definitely force you to reexamine your compass.

Do I agree with his assertion that both parties promote our military-industrial complex to the detriment of our soldiers and citizens? Yes. Dwight Eisenhower warned of that over 60 years ago**.

Do I think Trump is being prosecuted as part of a political witch hunt? Yes, I do. That doesn't mean he's fit for office or I'd vote for him. To which I say no/no.

Whether you agree with some or none of what Tucker has to say, you'll be better off for having heard him and perhaps taking a hard look at some of your core beliefs.

** Of course, things have improved since Dwight made this farewell speech in 1961.

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