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How the news skews your ideas of what's a threat?

Know anybody who's not horrified about the Uvalde Shooting? Who doesn't think we need to better safeguard our schools? Who isn't worried that our kids might be under threat?

19 children and two adults lost their lives. Of course the same day approx 300 people died of COVID. That doesn't matter however because we're over COVID right? At least the news is. COVID deaths don't generate engagement and therefore aren't a threat? BTW approx 300 Americans have died from the pandemic each day since the Uvalde shooting. Another 2,000 people have died each day from heart disease and 1,500 each day from cancer.

Can we reduce school school shootings significantly. I wouldn't count on it. We could reduce heart disease if people would eat healthier, reduce sugar intake and jump on a Stairmaster occasionally? Who cares, that's a boring news story.

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