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How US stock market compares to China(biggest Cos)?

A few notable points:

  • Our five largest tech companies dwarf anything China can deliver.

  • These behemoths command a market cap larger than the top 5 of either the SP500 or Intl markets.

Taiwan dominates the advanced semiconductor space. As Peter Ziehan has explained if China were to take over Taiwan, they would not inherit this industry. The Chinese lack the expertise or managerial talent to run these semiconductor factories. Their invasion would simply cause a massive disruption in the global supply chain that would hurt everybody.

Ziehan also mentions that Japan's navy is many times the size/power of China's. If China attacked (which would require a naval assault) Japan with assistance from the US would blow the Chinese navy out of the water.

While the US doesn't really give a shit about Ukraine, Taiwan as the market leader in semiconductors is a vital interest and one we will fight balls deep to protect.

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