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How "values" very across the globe

Africa doesn't get it! They don't care about material possessions. Plus, you need to be "patient" over there. Eckkkk...And don't get me started about all the turban-heads in the middle east (sorry...I know, offensive). You need to be concerned about "self control" and "morality" all the time unless you're being a misogynist asshole to your wife.

Plus in the Middle East they tell you what to do all the time. F-ck that! Meanwhile, the Chinese are obsessed with being righteous. None of that in South America. Just one giant cartel selling Meth.

What I love about the US? Basically, we show "no respect", don't care about "tradition," and despite all the Ivy League schools could care less about education. Basically we're the Dukes of Hazard.

BTW, we also have big mouths! Shoot your mouth off anywhere else and end up in a territorial prison.

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