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I have zero interest in owning a gun. This video surprised me.

At the very least, this is thought-provoking.

If it were up to me, nobody would own guns in this country. Sadly it's pretty hard to put the genie back in the bottle. Some very interesting facts presented. How you process them or whether you think they're fairly discussed I leave to you.

I certainly don't think the mentally ill should own firearms, nor folks with a history of violent crime or threatening others.

Do people who live in dangerous under-policed areas not have the right to defend themselves with guns? Is carrying a gun to protect against an attacker using deadly force vigilantism? Not easy questions to answer. Personally I think "yes" and "no".

Factoid: about 56% of blacks polled either own a gun or see themselves owning one someday.

Here's another fact that surprised me, presented by Malcolm Gladwell (who's certainly not a gun rights guy). Numerous studies show that handguns are infinitely more lethal, especially in a mass shooting scenario than the assault-style weapons many in Congress seem to fixate on banning. Essentially, hand guns allow the attacker to get closer to his victim and geometrically increase the odds of inflicting a lethal injury.

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