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I love Tom Hanks. He's FOS however about the writer's strike.

Tom thinks the low pay screenwriters receive is unsustainable and the issue needs to be resolved in an "ecumenical" way. That's a good one.

Oh really? By whom? Who gets to decide what's "fair". Is it fair you pay $1,000 for your iPhone or your TV? How about what you pay to buy a car, a house or anything for that matter?

Free markets for goods, services and labor are the best way for willing participants to let the laws of supply and demand determine what's "equitable". I'd argue government's job is to make sure that those markets are allowed to operate without collusion from company owners, management or labor.

Now on to the writer's strike. Writers are apparently in large supply and the demand isn't sufficient to pay them what they'd like. Guess what? Some will get out of the business until the going rate for writers rises. The market will determine what's "right" not Tom Hanks or any single individual.

Ah, yes. Let's get on to Tom H! Apparently, Mr. Hanks now commands $25 million per movie! You don't hear him complaining about that. Most actors in comparison make about $47,000 a year. Hmmm...that fair? Of course it is, Hanks brings in paying customers and generates movie revenues for producers.

Come to think of it, I don't think readers properly appreciate the value of the Spritzler Report? You know what I'll do! You bastards want to see me out on a picket line?

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