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I'm not suggesting a life of crime, however if you must...

For god's sake don't try robbing a bank or grab some stuff from a Big Box store. Apply yourself, learning computer coding and spend some time in Russia. After 48 months, move back to the State and retire.

Web of lies

Today, so much of our lives are online that perhaps it's no surprise that criminals are increasingly targeting us in the digital world as well as the physical. Indeed, in the FBI’s latest annual Internet Crime Report, it was estimated that American consumers and businesses lost a record $12.5bn to internet crimes last year, a 22% jump from 2022, with losses related to investment scams in particular rising, up 38% in 2023.

Big phish

While total monetary losses related to cybercrimes have roughly tripled since 2020, going up some $8.3bn, the number of associated complaints has remained relatively similar, climbing only 11% in the same period, suggesting that scammers are managing to steal more per attack. This may in part be explained by the shift away from more personal targeted scams towards finance- and tech-related schemes — with cryptocurrency losses alone growing by 53% in the past year.

But, even if you manage to avoid getting your email, phone, or bank account hacked, you may end up being part of a mass breach which — given the proliferation of data into everything from spending habits to genetics — can have varied consequences, with highly publicized recent attacks like those on 23andMe affecting millions of people.

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